5 Common Myths About Painting You Should Not Believe

5 Common Myths About Painting You Should Not Believe

Many dream to become a professional painter, to create their magical moments on canvas. Something that captures their imagination, their thought process or sometimes just their emotions. The desire to paint is universal and it’s one of the few art forms that is widely accepted by almost all generations. However, most people never act on the secret desire. The reason being the preconceived notion that not everyone can paint. There are plenty of myths related to painting that people believe to be true. We want to try busting some of those myths and tell people that it’s okay if you are not a professional artist, you can still pursue your passion and make it your hobby. We want to emphasize on the fact that ‘Anyone Can Paint, Indeed’!

So let’s address some of the popular myths related to painting.

You need artistic talent to be a painter

No, you don’t need any to become a painter. Regardless of what your artistic level is, it is your passion, dedication and willingness to learn that is going to shape you as a painter. Of course, you need inspiration to give you a head start but eventually it is your passion that is going to guide your way ahead. A person who is a great pianist wasn’t born a pianist. It certainly developed overtime. Similarly, painting skills could also be enhanced with time and practice.

You can’t paint until you know how to draw

Well, this is one of the most common myths. So let’s shed some light on this. You must have come across people who paint well but aren’t good at drawing and vice versa. Painting involves skills that are different to drawing. Shapes, colour palette, depth are things you learn while you paint. A painting is not a drawing waiting to be filled with colours. For painting, you need to practice applying colours in the right shape, hues and depth. Being skilled at drawing can make you a better artist. However, if you hate to draw, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring the joy painting can bring.

You need to go to university to become a skilled painter

Do you also believe that all successful artists have a degree in art? Well, this is not true. Vincent van Gogh, one of the leading artists of the modern era, is the best example. He received very little formal training but made a mark for himself. In fact, many aspiring artists prefer to attend workshops to hone their skills. One of the perks of opting for painting workshops is that you get to meet like-minded people. And what better than linking up with creative minds to taek your art to the next level.

Painting requires expensive instruction

Not at all. Rather all it requires is a few quality supplies and some good amount of focus, and you are sorted. While it’s logical to think that you need some guidance to enhance your plus points as a painter but it doesn’t have to be expensive. When you feel the need, you can go for specialized workshops that can train you in specific areas. However, you have to complement it with consistent practice to reach your goals. Always remember, discipline is key to become a good painter.

You’ve to spend hours together to master the art

Most often people do not pursue their passion for painting thinking it’ll take away all their time. It is a misguided notion. If you’re a professional, a student or a homemaker who cannot dedicate more than a few hours in a week, you could opt for short workshops. You do not necessarily have to spend hours together. These are done in short sessions and can be very effective in enhancing your skills. There are numerous studios that offer weekend batches too. You could register with one that suits your preferences.

At The Hobby Place, we believe that art is for everyone and through our initiative ‘Anyone Can Paint’, we hope to re-establish the belief that literally, anyone can paint. If you’ve been holding yourself back because of any of the above misconceptions, feel free to write to us at info@thehobbyplace.in so we can guide you.