‘Beep. Beep. Beep.’ As the alarm screeched at 5.00 AM, she woke up with a start and dragged herself out of bed. She had a presentation due that morning; one that could make or break her career! Having worked 12 hour shifts daily for the past 2 years, her fate relied on this one presentation and she couldn’t afford to mess it up.
How many times have we found ourselves in a similar scenario? The fictitious situation described above has an uncanny resemblance to the daily grind experienced by ambitious individuals waiting to make a mark in this competitive world. Blood, sweat and tears definitely pave the path towards success and nothing replaces hardwork but is it the only ingredient which helps prepare the concoction of success? Definitely not!

Workaholics tend to invest several hours a day in an attempt to achieve excellence, but this can sometimes backfire because unlike robots, the human brain refuses to work at a stretch without experiencing fatigue. Our mental health closely resembles a battery; it requires a recharge every few hours in order to function optimally. After all, it is the quality of work that matters, not the quantity! Have you been implementing your career strategy wrong all this time? No reason to worry, because here are some secrets on how you could balance your life and keep that battery recharged at all times! All it takes is a slight tweak in your daily routine and you are good to go!

Before delving into the secret of achieving a successful career without getting drained out, ask yourself a question. What is the one activity in the world that brings you true joy? An inexplicable feeling of creative satiation and fulfillment, unparalleled and unmatched by any other feeling. If you have an answer to that, you are in luck because you happen to have a hobby! If you don’t, no reason to fret because you are about to discover one! Be it poetry, writing, painting, dance, pottery or even martial arts, hobbies are exquisite keys that allow us to leave behind our mundanely monotonous routines and unlock the door to a world crafted just for us. A painter steps into the realms of his imagination, explores the innermost feelings inside him and returns from his world, gifting us with a canvas of his vision. A writer unlocks the door of expression, which allows him to conjure a thread of thoughts designed to entice the reader. Every hobby has its unique magic which brings out the best in the artist. So why don’t people devote more of their time to hobbies?

Living in a world filled with the stench of cut-throat competition and blinding rat-races has its share of disadvantages. The fear of losing out to others compels us to avoid losing even a minute of our time. Hobbies often fall far below on the priority list; most of us barely make time for our loved ones! Is this the price one pays for a successful career? Not necessarily.

Some of the most successful people in the world still wake up to their grueling and demanding jobs and yet claim that they have plenty of time for their hobbies. Microsoft founder Bill Gates loves playing tennis in his spare time while Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep carries her knitting kits even to movie sets. However, on careful introspection, it becomes increasingly clear as to why these people attained the staggering level of success that they did. It’s not because they worked inhuman hours but because they kept tabs on their mental health and fitness by providing their minds with the much-needed stress release at regular intervals. An ordinary CEO may shoulder the burden of running a company throughout the day, but a successful CEO will always choose a haven where the monstrous work pressure cannot seek entry. Everyone has a different haven and it could be music, painting or even meditation; the choice is up to you!

Initially, it could be counter-intuitive to think that spending time on a hobby actually boosts one’s career. After all, time is money, isn’t it? But so is health and without a sharp mind working at its peak at all times, how do you plan to climb that coveted ladder of success? So go ahead and juggle that career with a hobby and watch yourself scale the peaks you’ve always dreamt of! Unlock the door to your personal haven every day and witness your career taking that gigantic leap! Are you ready for it?

About the author

Varshini Subhash

Varshini is an aspiring researcher in Computer Science with a passion for social impact. Promoting art, education and gender equality are some of the causes she has taken up so far. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, music and astrophysics.