Have you ever come across a painting that left you utterly transfixed? Be it an intelligent choice of colors, an eclectic portrayal of designs or a grand depiction of a profound idea, Art has the power to awaken the human mind and soul in ways which have never been witnessed before. For instance, when the blockbuster movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ came to the theatres, I remember rushing off to the big screen, eager soak in Aamir Khan’s latest masterpiece. The scene which single-handedly melted most hearts was the song where Ishan, the dyslexic child, conjures the most intricate and beautiful painting, a feat which tapped into our emotional sides and made us tear up. The idea that a dyslexic child who couldn’t spell his own name correctly, could pour out his phenomenal intellect on to a blank canvas was not just moving, but also enlightening on several levels. Furthermore, when Aamir Khan, his mentor and teacher, paints a portrait of Ishan himself, the entire theatre positively burst into tears. The emotional bond and meaning that a painting can convey can seldom be put across in mere words, right?

As an audience, we often glance at pieces of Art, soak in the beauty and walk away, wondering why we weren’t blessed with some artistic genes ourselves. After all, the secret to a beautiful painting or a mesmerizing piece of art has to be genetic blessings, right? Wrong! Art is not something that is inborn and this happens to be one of the most common misconceptions which prevents art enthusiasts from trying out art themselves. Art is a gift that is cultivated from scratch, with love, dedication and passion, pretty much like a small sapling that grows up to bear delicious fruits. Inborn skill is secondary if one possesses the right attitude; after all even Picasso wasn’t born with a brush in his hand!

They say good health and an ample amount of love can make anyone’s life so much more enjoyable. Similarly, giving Art a special place in your life can add so many facets to your personality, mental health and well-being. Love, health and art encompass the essence of a mentally and physically satiated life and we often neglect the latter, due to the reasoning that only talented artists know their way with a brush. Watching an artist in their true form is like watching a diamond after it has undergone a multitude of refinement processes; we often neglect all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. However, Art happens to be the bread and butter of such professionals, which is why we get to witness their work at such an elevated level.

For commoners like you and me, Art can be a hobby, which gives us creative satisfaction and a break from the monotony of everyday life. Be it a poetry, pottery, painting, music or dance, adopting an art-form as a hobby is scientifically known to induce happiness, stimulate creative intellect and sometimes even lengthen your lifespan! Pablo Picasso lived a hearty 91 years and now, we know why! You needn’t be an artist to try your hand at art, even the former President of USA, George. W. Bush paints in his spare time while the Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep knits as a hobby. It’s okay to have a completely immersing profession but having a hobby of your choice to go with it, simply makes life so much more satisfying.

If pottery seems like stepping onto foreign land the first time around, ignore your apprehensions and dive right into it! The wheel may play its tricks with you the first few times but once the dust settles, you will find that your hands are capable of magic. The same theory goes for any art-form; diving into unknown waters is scary but only in the beginning. Within a span of a few days, you will find yourself wondering why you were afraid in the first place!

So go ahead and fearlessly conquer your artistic dreams! If apprehensions deter you, throw them away and dive into the deep end of the pool. You will find yourself living an enriching, satisfying and healthier life when you add a scoop of art into your concoction of life!

About the author

Varshini Subhash

Varshini is an aspiring researcher in Computer Science with a passion for social impact. Promoting art, education and gender equality are some of the causes she has taken up so far. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, music and astrophysics.