Brain Games

Brain Games

Chess Classes

Whether you want to learn how to play the game or get better at your moves, learn openings, endgames, strategy and tactics. Challenge your brain & increase your brain productivity.

For Kids:
Tuesday & Friday
Batches between 4 pm to 7pm

For Adults:
Wednesday & Thursday
11.30 am to 12.45 pm

Rubik’s Cube Classes

Whether it is for the sense of accomplishment or for the sheer excitement of pushing your brain to the limit, solving a Rubik’s Cube has captivated minds of people across all age groups. Contrary to popular belief, solving a Rubik’s Cube does not require one to have a high IQ level. Our Rubik’s cube classes will help you to analyze and understand the Rubik’s Cube, learn simple and fast finger tricks & teach you algorithms to solve the Rubik’s cube. Open for all ages

Sudoku Classes

Quiz Club

Our Quiz Club aims to encourage the young minds to explore into the immeasurable world of information and challenge self & grow. The club intends:

  • To broaden the scope of the student’s knowledge by giving extra information that extends beyond the school curriculum on a variety of subjects such as current affairs, scientific development, general knowledge & sports
  • To sharpen and feed the curiosity of the young minds.
  • To participate in Inter-School Quiz competitions.

Language Development through Stories: Build your child’s vocabulary, communication skills, memory through stories, role-play and story recall.
For Kids between 3.5 years to 9 years

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