Are you someone who revels in the joy of dancing? Or does the artist inside you leap with ecstasy when you bring a blank canvas to life with your paintbrush? Nestled in the streets of Mysore, exists a perfect cocoon for artists like you – The Hobby Place! Touted to be one of its kind, this creative studio welcomes a plethora of talent, be it expertise in pottery, music, dance, art, theatre, craft or even karate. The professionals running this facility will take you under their wing and nurture the dormant artist in you by giving you the freedom to create your own masterpieces, while guiding you at every step of the way.

Art is often said to be an expression of the soul. Those vibrant strokes of paint, those intricately crafted dance steps or even some fiery karate steps are nothing less than words spoken by the soul. Freedom of expression can be one of the most liberating experiences and this art studio is a perfect platform for artists of all ages to voice themselves through their passions. Erected in the pristine city of Mysore, The Hobby Place is unlike any of the art classes you may have come across. Their beautiful cottage emanates warmth while flaunting traditional Indian architecture. The characteristic vintage vibes are hard to miss, while the beautiful interiors awaken the artistic side within each person.

By keeping their doors open to artists of all ages, ‘The Hobby Place’ nurtures all levels of talent appropriately. You could be a beginner waiting to reproduce your favourite tune on the guitar for the first time or you could be a seasoned violinist looking to perfect your craft; this studio has a place for all! It is a common misconception among people that one requires to be artistically inclined in order to make concrete progress in art but this studio produces stellar examples of art which crush this notion time and again! Beginners with no prior experience, walk in and set the artistic stage on fire; all it takes is the will to learn and the passion to pursue the art-form earnestly.

The platform provided to an artist at ‘The Hobby Place’ not only lights a flame of dedication and interest in the artist but also helps showcase the nuances of various rare art-forms. These art-forms which were brought to life by our ancestors, add to the facets of our rich culture and as Indians, we should take immense pride in our cultural repository. However, in a world engulfed in technology, social media and digitalization, our revered and rich culture and its various art-forms are slowly going dormant. For instance, have you witnessed the magic of a Kerala mural or a magnificent Pattachitra? Probably not. Creating awareness about such rare art-forms while also providing a platform for experienced artists to gain recognition and applause is a noble cause and ‘The Hobby Place’ truly exemplifies this cause.

Apart from indulging in the promotion of art, The Hobby Place also sets foot into the domain of non-profit charity work which largely targets the underprivileged and specially-abled people who require assistance. In fact, even the raw material like clay, used to create stunning pieces of art, is obtained from rural areas. This idea not only generates employment among rural communities but also helps spread a wave of awareness about art in the remote areas of India. Artists are also encouraged to sell their pieces of work as a means to sustain themselves, thus widening the reach of art. By giving that little nudge to your personal hobby and enrolling at this art studio, you would not only grow as an artist, but also get to promote rural development and Indian culture.

Artists who wish to collaborate with other artists have a fantastic opportunity to do so at this hub of culture! Meeting like-minded people who share the innate passion for culture and art can be incredibly fulfilling and also possibly lead to the creation of something truly spectacular. And if one wishes to cultivate any talent from scratch and nurture it, there are a multitude of workshops one can choose from. With no fixed timings in place, one can walk in whenever one wishes to and engage in fruitful conversations with fellow artists, while participating in classes and activities. For instance, literature lovers of all ages come together to participate in lively reading sessions by taking up a single book at a time and engaging in intense discussions once everyone has finished it. This not only cultivates a rich vocabulary and an impressive command over the language but also gives a sense of literary satisfaction and knowledge. Where else could you possibly find a close-knit community of like-minded literary enthusiasts who participate in stimulating debates and yet seem like family at the same time? Such is the power of art; it forms unbreakable bonds and you will find yourself feeling incomplete without the company of the friends you make at ‘The Hobby Place’!

Any art-form is sacred and encouraging artists paves the way towards a culturally rich India. If you hold any hobby close to your heart, ‘The Hobby Place’ is your temple! Everyone is born an artist; the trick lies in correctly identifying the art-form. The beautiful thing about art is that it goes beyond race, creed, caste or color; it unites mankind beautifully and intertwines souls which think similarly.

At ‘The Hobby Place’, one can witness art in its purest form, when groups of artists come together to create something breathtaking. In a world plagued with war, discrimination and negativity, art sets a perfect example by wearing a blindfold and inviting creative humans to collaborate and spin some magic. ‘The Hobby Place’ is one such golden platform which helps us keep in touch with our cultural roots. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give wings to those beautiful artistic dreams waiting to become reality!