Learning a new language

Learning a new language

“Learning new languages is a passion many possess. For some people learning languages is much more than making themselves able to communicate with others. It’s like getting a nice new surprise and a whole new level of understanding. They are by nature lingu-a-holic (if that’s what you call someone who is fascinated by languages and enjoys learning them)

Learning a new language builds insight about global understanding, enhances brain activity, as it is challenged to learn an unfamiliar set of letters, grammar, vocabulary etc., and exposes to a whole new culture, society and background that comes along with a language.

Two passionate people joined The Hobby Place family recently, to learn Spanish. Nigel, who has flown a long distance from his home country and is pursuing his bachelors degree in our city already knows French apart from English. He is strong-willed about learning Spanish at The Hobby Place and is learning the official language of our country, Hindi, alongside. Nigel also plans on studying Kannda in future to follow his passion further

Accompanying Nigel in the Spanish class, is an eleventh grader, Rehan, who is studying science which obviously implies a super busy schedule. Inspite of the engrossment, he takes his time out to chase his passion to learn a new language. Spending his potential in this way will definitely help him expand his pool of knowledge

It is never too late or you are never too old to learn a new language. In fact, learning a new language has been proven to delay the onset of dementia. Now, who wouldn’t want that?”

By Zainab Mudassir